The intelliSCAN FT with mechanically adjustable collimation can be used for static welding applications and on-the-fly. This 2D scan system with F-Theta optics guides the laser beam fast and precisely in a two-dimensional scan field. The compact scanner design, which supports straight as well as 90 degree collimation implementation, simplifies machine integrations even if the space is limited.

The scan system is dimensioned for fiber coupled disk and fiber lasers with an output of up to 8 kW. Real time monitoring of all important status parameters is possible due to a fully digital iDRIVE technology by SCANLAB. In addition, the intelliSCAN FT is equipped with an internal sensor system for automatic self-calibration (ASC). This intelligent reference system permits a fast calibration of the galvanometer drives and therefore actively compensates for drift effects.

Optical Specifications

Options and Expansions

Technical Data

Machine interface (mounting side)Left / right (default) 
Collimator versionStraight (180°) / deflected (90°)
Weight (without attachments)12.8 kg @ straight,
14.4 kg @ deflected
Operating temperature25 °C ± 10°C
Supply voltage (requirements)30 V DC (29 - 33 V), respectively max. 8 A
Specification cooling fluid2 l/min at 20 °C and Δp < 0.1 bar; p < 4 bar
Filter unit purge air specificationISO 8573 - 1 : 2010, class 5.4.4
Positioning accuracy< 0.2 mm
Repeatability (RMS)< 2 μrad
Long-term drift over 8 h (operating temperature)< 0.2 mrad (with ASC, at operating temperature)
Camera / process sensor connectionOnly possible with deflected collimator (90°)
Collimator cover slideYes, interchangeable
IP protection classIP54
Design for OCT optionOn request

The intelliSCAN FT at a glance

Data sheet intelliSCAN FT