Laser Welding of Busbars

An electrical vehicle can include several hundred battery cells. The electrical contacting between batteries is established by busbars.  

The laser welding with scanners has established itself as the preferred method for the safe joining of the busbar with the battery contacts. Using an on-the-fly welding process, the scan system can weld the many available electrical contacts almost without interruption. 

Busbars for Prismatic Battery Cells

Prismatic cells are normally connected with the busbar through overlap connections. This permits larger tolerances and lower requirements for the position accuracy of the welding seam and it permits a faster processing of large quantities. 

A typical system configuration is as follows:

Busbars for Round Cells

When connecting the busbars to round cells, higher requirements are placed for the positioning of the welding seams: The busbars are smaller and therefore require a higher precision. An upstream component position recording is recommended.  

A typical system configuration is as follows: