The RSU User Software can be used to program 2D and 3D systems for the execution of laser welding tasks. The actuation includes the movement of the deflection mirror and the Z-axis in the scanner as well as the power output of the laser. The positions of the scan system and of the welding seams are decisive input parameters.

The communication with the handling device of the scanner (e.g. industry robot) and the machine controller (e.g. PLC) is provided through field buses. For this purpose, the live coordinates of the scan system at the robot, path recordings as well as the states of peripherals and user defined variables (e.g. component serial number) are also transmitted to the RSU User Software. 

Advantages for the User

All welding seam forms can be parameterized with a variety of degrees of freedom in the process. The movement of the scan system by the robot as well as the movement of the laser beam on the component can be retraced and simulated at any time.

The graphic user interface (GUI) is clearly structured and designed for intuitive use. A clearly arranged menu navigation simplifies the introduction to the software and the work at the laser welding system. In addition, it is possible to import CAD data of components into the RSU User Software. They can be used to create and freely parameterize welding seams through a simple edge extraction. Comprehensive diagnostics, monitoring and recording functions help the user to observe the status of the system at all times and, if required, intervene in a targeted manner.

Blackbird spent many years to develop the RSU User Software. The development was user specific and industry-oriented and was extended based on customer requirements. This made it possible to create an especially user friendly interface that provides a maximum of freedom for the users to optimally adjust their processes.