To Shape the Technical Progress

To satisfy our customers we are continuously searching for even better and more efficient solutions. To advance innovations, we closely work with universities, research facilities and inter-trade organizations. Blackbird is actively involved in research projects and work groups in the laser environment.

Laser Welding

with OCT Monitoring

How sensors can support laser supported welding in body-in-white construction and for electro-mobility applications.

Research Partnerships and Memberships

Research project RoKtoLas

2017 - 2021
Robot guided, scanner based optical coherence tomography for the remote laser beam welding for the flexibilization of process chains in the body-in-white construction

For the RoKtolas research project, we worked closely with the Technical University Munich (TUM) - Faculty for mechanical engineering - Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management (iwb).


Deutscher Verband für Schweisstechnik (DVS)


Blackbird is a member of DVS (German association for welding technology) and is especially active in the committee of experts FA06 Strahlverfahren (beam processes).

Innovations and Competitions

​​​​​​​Innovation Award Laser Technology 2022

The AKL Arbeitskreis Lasertechnik e.V. (Working Group Laser Technology) and the ELI (European Laser Institute) issue every two years the Innovation Award Laser Technology. In 2022, the project team of Blackbird and SCANLAB was awarded third place.

Walter Reis Innovation Award for Robotics

The Blackbird founders, Dr. Wolfgang Vogl and Dr. Ulrich Munzert, were awarded the “Walter Reis Innovation Award for Robotics” in 2008.


Prize Winners Blackbird and SCANLAB 

Project team became third place finalists for the Innovation Award Laser Technology 2022.