The intelliWELD II PR is a 3D scanner for static remote laser welding applications and on-the-fly applications. The scanner assumes the fast and precise positioning of the laser spot while a robot moves the scan system over the area to be processed. The highly dynamic galvanometer mirrors permit a significant reduction of the jump times between the individual welding procedures to a few milliseconds.

The compact design of the intelliWELD II PR permits the use in a variety of system concepts: From robot supported designs through compact systems up to linear axis systems. The high flexibility and the positioning speed of the scanner increases the degree of beam source utilization.


Optical Specifications intelliWELD II PR

Options and Expansions

Sensor System Interfaces
  • Connection option (C-Mount) for third party sensor systems for process monitoring
  • Optionally with and without focus setpoint tracking
Protection Cover
  • Protects the scan system against contamination and damage
  • Extends the service life and the maintenance intervals
Air Management
  • For the feeding of purge air
  • Prevents deposits and fume residue on optical components

Based on extensions, the intelliWELD II PR can be adapted to the process needs and the ambient conditions. The fully integrated sensor system provides the process-safe setpoint setting of the welding seam for optimal quality. The service life of the system can be increased significantly with the help of industry proven protection and maintenance elements.

Technical Data

Weight (without attachments)27  kg 
Operating temperature25 °C ± 10 °C
Supply voltage (supplied by the Blackbird control system)30 V DC (29 – 33 V), respective max. 8 A
Water cooling specification2 l/min at 20 °C and Δp < 0.1 bar; p < 4 bar
Filter unit purge air specificationISO 8573 - 1 : 2010, class 5.4.4
Supplementary set for cooling water connectionOptional
Repeatablity (RMS)< 2 µrad
Long term drift over 8 h (at operating temperature)< 0.15 mrad
Tracked camera port observation channel 2 (top)C-Mount (optional)
Double cover slide (beam exit)Yes
Purge Air between inner & outer cover slideYes
Cover slide sensor (beam exit)Yes
Cover slide collimatorYes, interchangeable
Flow sensor (cooling water)Yes
Teach supportOptional
IP protection classIP54

The intelliWELD II PR at a glance

Data sheet intelliWELD II PR


OCT Monitoring Laser Welding

Recognized by the Innovation Award Laser Technology 2022