Start of the ABICOR Binzel Cooperation.

The project team of SCANLAB and Blackbird wins third place of the Innovation Award Laser Technology 2022.

Expansion of the office and production area at the Garching headquarters to a total of 1800 sqm.


Successful completion of the RoKtoLas research project for the use of OCT for pre, in and post welding process tasks.


HOLO/OR becomes part of the company group. Start of an intense cooperation in the DOE area (diffractive optical elements).


Open House Event 'Automotive'

Cooperation with the laser expert Li10 LLC in Greenville SC for an expanded product and service offering in North America. The laser application laboratory is transfered to Greenville SC.


Intensification of the sales partnership with Intech in Japan.

SCANLAB and Blackbird are combined as sister companies in a strong company group.


Start of the RoKtoLas research project with the partners TUM, BMW, Precitec and Application Technology.

First presentation of the OCT system on the Laser World of Photonics in Munich.

Transfer of the CEO position from the company founder Dr. Wolfgang Vogl to Karl Christian Messer.

Blackbird becomes an active member in the DVS Verband (DVS association).


Expansion of Blackbird Shanghai, China, and relocation to new accommodations: In the Pudong Free Trade Zone with three laser laboratories and 16 workplaces, optimally connected to the airport. 

Opening of the laser application laboratory in Detroit, USA.


Opening of the subsidiary in Shanghai for the support of the market in Asia.


Successful series production use of the seam tracking system at BMW (MINI production).


Relocation to Garching-Hochbrück to a new company building with 1000 sqm.

Integration into the SCANLAB company group.

Development of the first 3D scanner with seam tracking worldwide.


First installations in Asia and North America


Presentation of the solution package RobotSyncUnit in connection with the RSU User Software version 2.1.


Presentation of the RobotMotionCenter, the first Blackbird product: a robot trajectory planning software.


Founding of Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH by Dr. Wolfgang Vogl and Dr. Ulrich Munzert in Garching near Munich.

Received the 'Walter Reis Innovation Award for Robotics'.