The ScanControlUnit (SCU) is the 'all-rounder' among the Blackbird controllers and – based on its flexibility – it can be used without restrictions for all applications. All processes can be covered by the control unit, from small parts productions with high-precision positioning up to meter-long lap weld seams on large BIW automotive parts with simultaneous laser measurement of the process zones.

The SCU is compatible with all Blackbird software packages (2D-Basic, 3D-Basic, 3D-Positioning, 2D-OTF and 3D-OTF). The modular design also permits the extension of the control unit by all Blackbird supplemental slide-in modules. This includes the add-ons for the Blackbird ScaVis camera solution, the RTX function for the positioning of linear axes and the OCT measuring system. The high-performance processor of the SCU permits fast data processing and program execution for an efficient system performance – also when using several extensions.

Technical Data

Weightapprox. 200 kg
Heightvaries from 880 – 1880 mm
Length660 mm
Width800 mm
Power supply100 – 240 V, incl. UPS
IP rating54
Language versionsDE / EN
Scanner  controlX, Y and Z axis movements
XY2/100, 16 bit resolution
SL2/100, 20 bit resolution
RobotIntegration packages, incl. on-the-fly interface, available for: ABB, FANUC, KUKA, YASKAWA MOTOMAN, COMAU, KAWASAKI
Bus communicationDeviceNet, PROFIBUS, PROFINET RT, EthernetIP
Safety interfaceHardwiring, PROFIsafe (based on Profinet RT), DeviceNet Safety

All connections are placed easily accessible at the front of the control unit. A simple and fast integration into your system is therefore guaranteed.

Based on the modular design, individual slide-in modules can be easily replaced in case of damages. This guarantees a smooth operation of your system.


The SCU at a glance

Data sheet ScanControlUnit SCU-3