Preventive Maintenance 

Failures can be prevented in many cases due to our frequent and preventive maintenance.

All system components are subjected to significant stress especially in industrial laser welding applications that are operated 24/7. Machine failures and downtimes of your systems can be prevented through frequent maintenance intervals. In addition, “Continuous Improvement” minimizes the consumption of maintenance material, such as cover slides, and it reduces downtimes to a minimum.


In case of a repair, our service team takes care of replacements and guarantees an expeditious repair process.

Please complete the Return Delivery Form (RDF) in case of a return delivery and attach it to the shipment. Detailed information about the approach is included in the form. 

Blackbird-Return-Delivery-Form (RDF) als PDF


Please book a training​​​​​​​ for preventive maintenance and service or send an individual inquiry to

For questions about your repair, please contact us under