Laser Welding in the Electro-Mobility Segment

For many years now, the subject electro-mobility (emobility) gains increasing importance. The emobility represents an innovative market segment, which will, in the future, strongly influence and co-determine the developments in the automotive industry.

The efficiency and variability of the remote laser welding has resulted in the fact that a continuously increasing number of applications can be implemented with laser scanners especially in this area. This includes, among others, the welding of battery modules, busbars, stators and the power electronics.

Typical Welding Geometries

In contrast to components in the body-in-white (BIW) area, the emobility components often include level welding geometries. The specific challenges are: depending on the specific components, tightness, conductivity or cleanliness must be guaranteed also for high quantities (in mass production).

2D Laser Welding

For cost effective laser machining of a two-dimensional plane in emobility areas normally 2D scan systems, such as the  intelliSCAN FT, are used.

Blackbird is currently further developing an application focused software. The result will be a “seeing” laser welding solution that will include a robust, flexible and traceable component position identification. This prepares the user for current and future joining tasks in this new world of mobility.

Typical Welding Tasks in Emobility