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Superior Support for Japanese Laser Welding Applications

Blackbird Robotics intensifies partnership with Intech in Japan

Remote laser welding expert Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH is intensifying its presence in the Japanese market. Once again, the German manufacturer will exhibit at the Japan International Welding Show in Tokyo, together with its Japanese sales agent Intech CO., Ltd. The benefit for industry customers is that Intech operates as a one-stop-shop – offering all-in-one welding solutions that include the laser source, a premium scan system and a control system. With many years of expert know-how and trustful cooperation with Blackbird, Intech supports users by configuring individual welding solutions for flexible and efficient manufacturing processes.

Japan’s manufacturing industry – and especially its automotive sector – need innovative, robot-assisted laser welding systems to increase flexibility, process safety and productivity.
Blackbird Robotics, together with its associated company SCANLAB, supply high power scan heads in a sophisticated range of laser welding systems. The product offer with 2D and 3D scanners include features like spiral welding and on-the-fly capabilities, as well as laser beam oscillation and optical zoom for highly flexible car body assembly and parts attachment.The intelliSCAN FT 2D scan head, for example, is specifically designed for easy integration into robot and gantry systems. With full industrial suitability, this scan system is ideal for welding flat components and other electromobility applications. 

Rising importance of weld seam analysis 
Growing demand for in-process quality control led Blackbird to introduce to Japan its latest laser welding solution with a built-in OCT (optical coherence tomography) scanner. The system provides integrated edge tracking and seam topology measurement. Unlike other measurement methods, OCT-based distance measuring evaluates detailed data with full flexibility ahead of, within and after the laser welding process itself. The acquired data allows careful assessment of seam quality as well as detection and recording of welding defects, and can be used at any time for quality assurance procedures. 

Blackbird and Intech, collaborating since 2011 and exhibiting together again at the Japan International Welding Show in 2018, currently work on several joint customer installations for subcontractors in Japan's car manufacturing industry; other branches to follow. “Market feedback is very positive and Japanese customers confirm the high quality of Blackbird products. We are very pleased with the fruitful cooperation and look forward to continuing this long-term partnership,” comments Yukihiro Okumura, President of Intech CO., Ltd.