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Laser Welding Expert Flourishes in Middle Kingdom

Blackbird Robotics launches new laser application laboratory in China

Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH continues its robust growth in Asian markets. In particular, integrators, machine builders and battery producers count among the German manufacturer's new customers and business partners. The company recently dedicated and moved into new quarters in Shanghai, China. The modern premises also feature a laser laboratory providing user training and customer specific application support. 

In March 2015, Blackbird Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. commenced operations as a sales and service center. Vigorous growth plans and closer proximity to existing customers and facilities were key drivers for creating the Shanghai, China subsidiary. Two years later, first results are very positive and will be fortified further by the move to much larger offices. Keys to success are a growing service business, accompanied by rising demand for remote laser welding solutions across various industrial sectors. The Chinese site's new, thoroughly-equipped laser application laboratory provides space for four laser cells.

Asia is among markets registering greatest interest in the new intelliSCAN FT 2D scan system and the ScanControlUnit – for control and synchronization between the scan head and robot. "We're very pleased with this segment's rising unit sales," comments Derek Wang, General Manager Blackbird Robotics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, the inauguration. "The systems' flexibility, high dynamics and freely programmable oscillation have certainly been primary purchasing factors, especially among battery producers."

In recent months, system integrators and other industrial customers have shown considerable interest for 3D laser welding solutions. Systems that combine intelliWELD scan heads with the ScanControlUnit are unique in offering high-powered on-the-fly operation, as well as optional abilities to vary laser spot size and dynamically track seams and contours. Blackbird's system solutions also provide customized control interfaces for all leading robot systems, such as KUKA, ABB, FANUC, YASAKAWA and COMAU.