Our Mission

Blackbird enables people and industrial devices to share information, interact efficiently, and create added value.

Our products collect and process data in an intelligent manner. By adding great usability we take man-machine communication to the next level. We build the products that offer the ideal application in various settings. Products that facilitate the path to smart manufacturing and beyond.

Experience in control technology and software

Since the company was founded in Munich in 2008, Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH has focused on the developing of powerful control technology and software for remote laser processing. The experienced team of engineers and software developers combines for a comprehensive understanding of production process.

Perfection down to the last detail – this demand of Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH is dedicated to on-time delivery and systematic quality assurance of all products. Every system is inspected and tested extensively by our staff throughout the production process, including a full integrated system test prior to shipment.

Testing and validation of newly developed systems is accomplished in our fully equipped and staffed laboratory.

From the planning stage through to completion we ensure the smooth integration of our system within existing manufacturing equipment. Blackbird service staff guarantees a seamless integration, error free start-up and a flawless start of the systems in your production line.




Karl Christian Messer


Milestones Blackbird Robotersysteme

The laser welding company Li10 llc based in Greenville, South Carolina, USA and Blackbird Robotics Inc. cooperate to provide a wide range of products and services to all North America customers. 

Opening of an US laser application laboratory in Detroit

Blackbird Asia is established in Shanghai to support the Asian market

Blackbird Robotics, Inc. is established in Sterling Heights, Michigan to support the North American market

Series launch of the seam tracking system at BMW (MINI production)

Move to a new 1000m² facility in Garching-Hochbrück
Integration into the SCANLAB Group
Development of the world's first 3D scanner for remote welding with real time seam tracking

First installations in Asia and North America

Presentation of the ScanControlUnit solutions package

Presentation of the RobotMotionCenter

Founding of the company
Honored with the ‘Walter Reis Innovation Award for Robotics’


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