Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH

Remote Laser Welding

By combining a robot manipulator with galvo scanners (optical beam deflection systems) extremely versatile and efficient laser processing systems can be  realized. In order to fully exploit the potential of these highly redundant kinematic systems (six mechanical, three optical axes), suitable solutions for programming and control are required.

Blackbird offers a unique portfolio of software and control solutions for your robotic remote-laser-applications. Our tools provide efficient planning, optimization and ramp-up of your system and help you to reach an an optimum cycle time and productivity.



Program and optimize your robot-scanner-system with a dedicated software package: The Scannermodule extends the Basemodule with powerful algorithms for path planning and optimization tailored to the special requirements of a remote-laser-system:


  • Full modeling and support of 2D/3D-scanner optics (e.g. TRUMPF PFO, SCANLAB IntelliWeld)
  • Effective modeling of the processing task and the solution space
  • Automatic checking of inclination angles against occlusion through clamping devices
  • Automatic sequence optimization for shortest tool trajectory
  • Automatic shortening and smoothing of the scanner trajectory for a smooth and even robot motion, yielding an optimum cycle time
  • Codegenerators for Robot and Scanner


The following video clips give an example of programming and optimizing laser processing systems with the Scannermodule:

Path optimization Trumpf PFO (.mp4)

Welding example Trumpf PFO (.mp4)

Code generation for robot and scanner (.mp4)

Path optimization Scanlab IntelliWeld (.mp4)



Realise remote-laser-systems with a universal and versatile control solution. The RobotSyncUnit offers an integrated user interface for setup, programming, optimizing and monitoring of remote-laser-applications. As a process controller, it ensures a synchronized process execution by the involved robot, scanner and laser. The system provides flexible interfaces to automation periphery and PLCs and is available for different robot makes.

RobotSyncUnit offers the following software functions:

  • Scanner setup and monitoring
  • Easy CAD-Import (.dxf) and editing of processing tasks
  • Full import of planning results from the RMC-Scannermodule
  • Complete tasks can easily be teached at the real machine
  • Intuitive placement of scan figures in 3D-space (e.g. projection preview on real workpiece)
  • An interactive cycle time optimization assists in finding the optimum sequence


The system is realized as a robust automation component in an integrated control cabinet:

  • Different operation modes (Setup, Production)
  • Monitoring and diagnosis functions
  • Flexible interface to superordinate cell controllers
  • Configurable communication interface (Bus, digital I/O, etc.)
  • Safety controller with secure stop and reset
  • Compliant with CE-regulations


RobotSyncUnit scanner interface:

  • offers a dedicated SL2-100 interface to Scanlab Scanners
  • supports the generic XY2-100 interface.